Britains Got Talent - The Worlds Most Dangerous Card Trick


The Worlds Most Dangerous Card Trick, the trick that stunned and scared the whole BGT audience including Simon Cowell. Seen by millions and millions of people world wide. Now take a deep breath and follow Pontus down beneath the surface as he performs The Worlds Most Dangerous Card Trick.

Gift Wrapping 2.0


Now, if you've even been in a great hurry during the holidays, you should pay attention to this. Learn how to shortcut gift wrapping and this could save precious time during the most hectic time of the year. Really, "it's not about the gift itself. It's about the thought and the gesture you're making."

Musikhjälpen - Magic, Art & Miriam Bryant


Pontus Lindman & the artist  Emil Grönholms contribution to "Musikhjälpens" charity fund. A painting of Miriam Bryant gets a magical meaning when art, magic, music and charity is combined. Their contribution and painting got 30 500 SEK in donation for "Radiohjälpens" project "Sex is not a weapon".

Magic tutorial?


Magic tutorial? well...
Pontus will expose an efficient way to vanish a razor from your bare hands. Tag along to Pontus sponsor The Barbershop - Borlänge and learn how to do the impossible with something as dangerous as a razor blade. Don't cut your fingers!